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About Us

Kharazmi Mechatronic Technicians Company is engaged in providing technical engineering services, including design, production, innovation and intelligence in the fields of electricity, electronics, mechanics and mechatronics.

Kharazmi Mechatronic Technicians Group started its activity in 2008 with the manufacture of precious stone cutting machines. Among the other activities of this group during this period, we can mention the construction and upgrading of cnc gold-making systems, the implementation of poultry and greenhouse industrial automation projects, the construction of inlet valves, and the construction of industrial machines.


Becoming a leading company in creating innovative and knowledge-based products and providing engineering services.


Kharazmi Mechatronic Technicians Company is an innovative and knowledge-oriented company relying on motivated and innovative employees in the direction of production and knowledge-based and providing technical and engineering services in the country's industry.


۱- Compliance with ethical principles
۲- Getting customer satisfaction and trust
۳- Promoting and respecting human resources
۴- Learning, innovation and teamwork
۵- Commitment and adherence to the covenant

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