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Kharazmi Mechatronic Technologists Company

Manufacturer of machines and devices for cutting precious and ornamental stones

Kharazmi Mechatronic Technicians Company is engaged in providing technical engineering services in the fields of electricity, electronics, mechanics and mechatronics.





Precious stone cutting machine

Every valuable mineral must go through the cutting process before it can be used in a particular ornament. During this stage, the stone is cut, its unevenness is balanced and finally it is polished to a specific shape. It can be said that all the elegance, luster and glory that we know from precious stones, apart from the constituent compounds, is somehow owed to the way they are cut. For this reason, the method and quality of turning is always considered one of the most important criteria for valuing stones. The technical and engineering group of Mechatronics Technologists of Kharazmi has always tried to provide the highest quality turning and cutting machines with the highest precision in to put it at the disposal of its customers

Faset distinguishing features

Faset gemstone cutting machine with 0.01 degree accuracy (cutting diamonds and precious minerals and jewels) is made in order to increase accuracy, quality, speed and ease in fast cutting

Creating home businesses

The type of design of the devices of this company in terms of size, power, electricity consumption is such that they can be used in starting home businesses

Isfahan National Technology and Innovation Exhibition Gallery

National virtual exhibition of technology and innovation
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